Summer Internship Turned Part Time Job

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

"When thinking about my future, I realized that if I wanted to get into a good college, I would need something to set me apart from everyone else. I also realized that summer would be difficult without something to get me out of the house. I settled upon the idea of getting an internship. Not only would I get experience and time out, but I also would get school credit.

I attended a Seminole County Public School (SCPS) internship expo in May 2018. Transforming Property Solutions (TPS) was the first table I approached and ended up being the company I was most excited to possibly get an interview with. When I got an email to do a phone interview and later do a face to face interview, I was very happy. After the internship was over, I was offered a job by Mr. Al Gibbons. I have now worked with TPS for over a month part-time.

It is important that high school students consider an internship as an extracurricular activity. Internships help with college applications because they can help set you apart from other contenders. This is especially helpful when applying for college scholarships and getting jobs in the future. The market is extremely competitive nowadays and one addition to your resume can put you over someone else on the contenders’ ladder.

My experience with TPS will help me with both college applications and future job endeavors. I encourage high school students to attend future internship expos on. It will help you in the future and make your resume look better."


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