Renovating Homes, Saving Cats

On the afternoon of March 1st, 2019, the Transforming Property Solutions crew went on a field trip to Sylvan Dr., Mount Dora, to take some photos of a three bedroom, one bathroom single family house that is currently undergoing renovation.

As we were taking the photos of the house, the rooms, and the surrounding area, we noticed that in the driveway opposite to the house we were at, there was a brown and white cat staring us down as we walked around. We stopped and called him over, and, surprisingly, he came over to us. The cat meowed up at us his whole way down the driveway until he came to our feet and sat down. When he was close enough, it became apparent why he was so quick to run over: he was starving. He was missing fur behind his ears, on his shoulder blades, and in patches down his back, and was covered in fleas. A cloud of flying bugs followed him as he limped in circles, still meowing up at us. Despite how clearly uncomfortable and sickly he was, he was incredibly friendly, and rubbed his head against our legs.

After we finished photographing the house, we found a small container and gave him some water, which he drank so greedily and quickly that we were worried he would end up throwing it up. As we were giving him water and soft, water-soaked crackers, we called Lake County Animal Shelter - a local no-kill shelter - and told them about the situation.

After about half an hour after the first call, two female K9 sheriffs came and picked up the kitty, both so endeared that they let him ride in the cab of their truck. The last we saw as we were driving away was the kitty on the center console, climbing into the passenger’s lap, on his way to get the help he so desperately needed.

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