Regulating Your House's Temperature in Burning Florida Summers

It’s summer! Time for outdoor fun and games. But here in Florida, everyone knows how grueling the heat can be both in the sun and in the house, even with air conditioning. Summer is one of the hardest, if not the hardest time of year to successfully keep your home a comfortable temperature. But we at transforming property solutions are here to help. Here are some ways to help keep you cool in the house, so you are ready to make this summer one to remember:

Wait... I’m NOT supposed to open the windows?- Open windows during summer is a common misconception that can lead to even more uncomfortable house temperatures. When it is colder outside than inside and you are still hot, then yes, cool both the house and yourself off and open some windows. But when it is hotter outside than inside, opening a window will make the house even hotter from both the sunlight and the extreme temperature. Even on a windy day, you may feel like it is getting cooler, but it is all just an illusion. The house is heating up, making the temperature even more uncomfortable in the long run.

Thomas Edison was not thinking about Florida- Did you know that sometimes lightbulbs can give off more heat in a home than the sun does?! The simple solution is to simply make sure you turn the light off everytime you leave the room, the extra half-second finger workout can help keep you cool all summer long.

That sun is so blinding! Close the blinds!- The sun can be hot and bright here in Florida, close the blinds/curtains to make sure you aren’t panting like a dog.

Don’t drink society's Kool-Aid- Most people try to change their air conditioning settings with the purpose of cooling off when it only causes more problems. The ideal temperature during summer is 78 degrees Fahrenheit, but no matter what temperature you decide on, keep it that way. Most air conditioners run on a cycle, and the more you change the temperature, the more likely A/C units will wear out faster.

Technology, tips, and solutions, what else could someone need?- Most A/C units last 15-20 years, yet one of the main causes of temperature imbalances are leaky ductwork and HVAC systems. Make sure to check for leaks and seal them shut with duct tape. We all know that terrible feeling of going from a perfectly comfortable living room to a hot and muggy bedroom that is never the right temperature, a solution to this problem is to install smart vents and a zoning system. A smart vent is a system that allows you to control airflow to each room and a zoning system does the same except with temperatures. Smart vents are easy to control because they are adjustable from the thermostat or even an app on your phone! The last thing to understand is that the rooms farthest from the A/C units and the thermostat will always be the hardest to control, so choose carefully where you spend your time this summer.

The beach can be the greatest thing in the world, but sometimes nothing beats staying at home and watching your favorite stories unfold on television. So this summer use these tips to ensure that there is never a dull moment.

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