Rebounding From A Hurricane

After the wind has blown and the storm has moved on, it will be time to assess your damages.

On our previous blog on Hurricane Safety (link here), we discussed measures to take to protect your home; however, hurricanes can be very unpredictable. In the case that your property becomes damaged from a hurricane, read more to understand how to deal with insurance and contractors and how to rebound after

a hurricane.

Document everything. Take photos before and after the storm to use in case of damage claims.

Know your insurance deductible, or the amount you pay for covered services before your insurance plan starts to pay.

Save ALL receipts. Some insurance companies will reimburse you for food spoiling or even staying at a hotel if you have to evacuate or even lose power. Make sure to double-check what your insurance company covers.

Don’t feel you have to show your insurance policy to any contractors. You don’t have to show your insurance policy to anybody. They can give you a quote for the work being done without having to see this.

Ask contractors if you can get a discount if you pay in cash. Before signing any contract, understand the payment structure, if a deposit is required and when the final balance will be due.

Make sure your contractor is licensed to work in Florida and carries liability insurance. Ask for a copy of their insurance to make sure the policy is still active through the contractor working. Also, ask them if they're experienced in working in Florida since the climate is different from other regions.

When hiring a contractor, be home when the work is happening so you can monitor the workers and ensure the work is being done.

If you’re having your roof redone, make sure all the roof nails are picked up, especially if you have children and animals walking around your yard.

Hurricanes can cause a wide range of damages on your property, but with the right information, you’ll be able to recover from the storm easily. Transforming Property Solutions is located at 223 W 3rd Street, Sanford, FL 32771. For more information, investors and realtors are encouraged to call 407-375-2317 or visit online at ww.transformingpropertysolutions.com.

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