Pool Maintenance for a Pool Party

Florida’s climate makes having a pool in the backyard of your home a regularity. While this is a perfect place to invite guests for a pool party, steps have to be taken to maintain your pool to keep it clean and healthy for years to come. Read more to find out the basics of cleaning a pool and how to throw a festive party your guests will be talking about for all of the summer season.

Maintaining your pool regularly will lead to a guarantee of healthy and safe swimming, especially for a pool party. A pool with maintained circulation is less likely to have issues such as cloudy water or a pool algae infestation than an unmaintained pool. Maintaining your pool could also be a requirement of your insurance. You shouldn’t expect to be covered for a preventable mistake. Another reason to maintain your pool is that it saves money in the long run.

Start your habit of maintaining your pool by first removing debris and cleaning the pool’s strainer baskets. By using a long-handling net, you will be able to skin your pool’s surface quickly and efficiently. This method also betters the pool’s circulation system and lowers the amount of chlorine you’ll need to add to your pool. Cleaning the strainer baskets also has these beneficial effects.

Vacuum your pool and brush the walls and tiles to keep the water clear and reduce the amount of chemicals you’ll need to add in the long run. By brushing the walls using either stiff or soft bristles depending on your pool’s wall and tile materials, it will help minimize algae buildup and calcium deposits.

Be sure to clean and maintain your filter based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. A little dirt in the filter helps track other particles, so if you wash your filter too frequently, it won’t reach its cleaning potential. Clean your filter when the difference in flow between the pressure gauge and flow meter reaches 10 to 15 pounds.

Your pool’s circulation system, which includes the skimmer, pump, pump strainer, drains, and filter, should also be checked often. The system helps added chemicals work effectively and makes sure that the water is filtered properly. A common tip is to run your pump an hour for every 10 degrees of temperature each day to make sure the water is properly filtered. For example, if it’s about 80° Fahrenheit, run your filter for eight hours. Also, keep each item in the system clean and in good condition.

Watch your pool’s water level, and maintain it appropriately. With a garden hose, refill your pool after a hot summer day since the water will evaporate, and when you use your pool since splashing will reduce the water level. Check for leaks in the pool regularly as well.

To maintain the balance of your pool water, aim for ideal chemical levels of:

pH: 7.2 to 7.6

Alkalinity: 80 to 120 parts per million

Calcium hardness: 180 to 220 parts per million

Chlorine: 1 to 3 parts per million

Now that your pool has been properly maintained, you can start planning your party and its decorations! Planning a party includes setting a date and time, picking a theme, creating a guest list, sending invitations, and setting up food, entertainment, and decorations.

When picking a date for your celebration, try to stray away from holidays, such as the Fourth of July, since people are more likely to go on vacation during these times. Also, make sure to pick a date that gives your guests enough time to send out invitations.

If you want your party to have a theme, set it before you send the invitations so that they can be decorated to suit the theme! Some examples of pool party themes are:

Under The Sea

Shark Week

Beach Bungalow

Tropical Oasis



Your theme can influence your party’s decorations and food strongly.

Before sending invitations, plan a guest list. Make sure your pool is able to accommodate the number of people you plan to have at the party! Also, make sure to have time for guests to be able to RSVP so you can estimate how much food and supplies are necessary.

Your invitations should include the who, what, when, and where of the party so your guests have all the information to thoroughly enjoy the celebration.

Now you can plan the food, entertainment, and decorations for your party! All of these components should work together with your party theme, not against it.

For food and drinks, make sure to accommodate those who have food restrictions. Have summer-themed items such as popsicle, smoothies, or fruit punch available. Also, have small appetizers so your guests can enjoy the food while mingling with others, and so they are not restricted to a table.

For entertainment, make a music playlist that suits your tastes or the theme of the party. Don’t choose niche songs that other guests might not enjoy. Include upbeat music to match the tone of the party. You can also set up games like ring toss, Marco Polo, or place beach balls around the deck for others to play with.

The decorations of your party are entirely up to you, but here are some standard items you should have:

pool floats

beach balls

floating coolers for drinks

float beds

inflatable animals (swans and flamingos)

food inspired floats (popsicles, donuts or pineapples)

comfy seating

Thorough pool maintenance leads the way to a great pool party. By regularly checking your pool’s health, you can sustain the length of its life while having a great environment to have guests over for a celebration decked out with food, drinks, entertainment, and decorations.

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