Networking for Real Estate Investors

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

When starting out, real estate investors are generally not well-known and must find ways to expand their brand and increase their credibility and contact list. The best way to do this is by utilizing the power of networking. Networking can make wholesaling or selling a fixer-upper an easier, quicker, and more successful process.

Networking can be done in a variety of ways: trade shows, social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), wholesaling open houses, community chambers, or other real estate events.

Wholesale and property open houses are great ways to meet other investors who can because future buyers. Social media platforms will spread the name of one’s company, reviews, brand, and credibility. This can be useful when customers are looking for references and wholesalers. Chambers are useful when looking to establish a local network of those in the same general area or county, they usually meet once a month.

Having a credible brand and an extensive contact list can make finding and selling properties much easier in the future. This is because you will already have a list of established contacts as buyers and investors. You can start by emailing the list about the property and may find a match before ever going to the public. The same goes for finding a property. This can make the process of selling and buying quicker because both parties are experienced and will likely have a better sense of what they are looking for ahead of time.

Being well-known and having reliable references proving credibility will expand your customer base. A stranger has a higher probability of calling an established brand than one that has no proof of existence or previous business. That being said, starting up will require a beginning, and going to events and getting to know investors beforehand can be helpful. This is a good way to begin getting references and referrals.

Networking is important when you're starting and can do multiple things to help the business and its investors have a quicker and more successful start-up. This includes implementing a greater contact list in a short period of time and expanding one’s brand quickly and reliably. Consequently, buyers and investors will be more reactive in a shorter period of time, making the business more well-known and successful.

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