How To: Take Care Of Your Yard

To start off our “How To” month, we at Transforming Property Solutions will be covering how to take care of your yard! In this article, we’ll be talking about proper seeding methods, aerating your lawn, watering basics, and mowing techniques.


An important step is to first seed your lawn, whether you’re starting from scratch or bettering your existing lawn. Early spring is a good time to do this, but you can also seed in the fall. One thing to keep in mind is that colder soil conditions may slow down growth a little bit. If your lawn has bare spots, make sure to seed them again before weeds overtake the spot. If you choose to fertilize your yard, make sure to come up with a yearly plan—and stick to it!


Something that many people don’t prioritize is aerating their lawn. It should be done once or twice a year to loosen the soil and better drainage. This helps water and nutrients to be more easily absorbed by roots, and roots will also have more room to grow. For smaller lawns, aeration shoes or manual push aerators would be enough to cover the area. Gas-powered aeration tools are also available for use, for purchase or rent.


Watering your lawn correctly is easier said than done. This could depend on the size of your lawn, the humidity of the area, wind conditions, grass species, the soil conditions, and many other features. Some things that are important for Florida lawns are as follows:

- Florida lawns need about three-fourths of an inch of water for one watering session.

- Watering early in the morning is most beneficial. If you watered your lawn during the day, water would be wasted due to excessive evaporation. Watering in the late afternoon or late morning could more harmful to your yard since it could extend the time your lawn is naturally wet from dew. This would bring more chances of disease occurrence.

- Check with your local water department to see what’s allowed. Some departments forbid night watering to prevent water waste.

- Water deeply and infrequently. This encourages root growth and increases resistance to drought and disease.

- But, don’t wait until your lawn is brown before you water it again! Be aware of signs of drying, such as wilting, change in color, and footprints that stay visible for more than an hour. You could also dig into the soil to see how dry it is.

- Be aware of what parts of your yard are in shade. Make sure to make adjustments to their watering schedule as needed.


When mowing your yard, make sure to not cut the grass too short. Experts recommend keeping grass tall all year-round, which is roughly around 3 inches or higher. Also, don’t remove more than ⅓ of the grass blade since more can damage your grass badly. Mow when your lawn is cool and dry. Grass can be vulnerable during hot days, and wet grass will lead to clumped clippings, a less efficient mower, and a more dangerous time for the mower operator. It’s not needed to remove grass clippings from your lawn as they decompose quickly and provide nutrients for the lawn as well. Make sure to sharpen your mower’s blades regularly as well.

Taking care of your yard can be intimidating, but with the help of these basics, you’re sure to beautify your yard easily!

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