How to Stage a House

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

When staging a house, it is important to consider that multiple buyers with different design preferences will be walking through the home. Because of this, staging a home to a buyer’s desires can be challenging, but not impossible. Remember that buyers want to get a sense of the size of each room to better envision how their furniture and/or design ideas will flow in the space, which is why it is best to keep the staging style simple and neutral – to not impose any undesired colors or shapes to the buyers.

Starting with wall colors, it is best to choose paint that can accommodate different styles and complements with many different colors. The solution to this: paint the walls a neutral color. Doing this not only gives the room a fresh and modern look but opens the doors for opportunity. The buyer can now change the color of the walls and easily paint over them. There are wide selections of neutral paint colors offered in many different finishes, and it might be overwhelming to pick from. The finishes include semi-gloss, high-gloss, eggshell, flat, satin, and matte.

If the house you are selling has a current occupant, make sure to remove any clutter, hide any personal pictures, and clean thoroughly beforehand. Buyers want to envision their lifestyle when viewing a home or property and don’t want to be looking at and tripping over boxes. The seller does not want any distractions from nice features that the house has to offer, as it might discourage buyers.

Families are generally drawn to natural light and colors and first impressions are very important when selling a property. Sellers should make sure there is plenty of natural light coming in to the home when staging and realize that the best times to do showing are during the day. This not only creates an inviting environment in the home but it can help to make some signature designs stand out. When it is dark, details are missed, and the overall feel of the home is different.

Conforming to the needs and wants of buyers can be difficult and everyone is different. However, following these simple tips you can assure that anyone who walks into a property will see its full potential.

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