How To: Be A Good Neighbor

Neighborhoods have changed over the years, from when it was expected to bring new homeowners welcome gifts to now, where it’s not as common. While there are many different types of neighborhoods, from college students to new families, the basics of being a good neighbor haven’t changed. Read more for some of the specifics on how to be a good neighbor to others.


Making no noise whatsoever is an unrealistic expectation for yourself and your neighbors. However, you should be aware of crossing the line. This depends greatly on where you live, what type of home you have, and the habits of your neighbors. Avoid all unnecessary noise from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m so you won’t interrupt your neighbors’ sleep.


Your neighbors are people you’ll see almost every day, or at least often. Don’t disrespect your neighbors!

- Respect your neighbors’ personal spaces.

- When you borrow anything or ask for a favor from them, return the item or favor as soon as possible.

- Don’t be the neighborhood gossip! While some information might be beneficial to pass to other neighbors, don’t spread negative rumors about your neighbors.

- If you have an issue with a neighbor, handle the situation in an adult manner and discuss it directly with

the person. Don’t call the cops unless you are threatened.

- Be responsible for your pets and clean up after them.

- If your neighborhood has a homeowners association, stay up-to-date with the rules and follow them.

Welcome New Neighbors!

Help new neighbors feel welcome in their new home! Introduce yourself as soon as you can, and bring some treats with you as well.

Curb Appeal

The curb appeal of your home might be a requirement of your homeowners association, but if it’s not, still be sure to maintain the look of your house. Look at our blog here for tips on how to take care of your yard!

Paint your exterior walls when necessary, and maintain the trees, shrubs, and other elements of your property. Remove all bicycles, skateboard, and toys from your front yard at the end of every day.

Social Events

Be respectful of your neighbors when you throw a party, and be aware of the noise you’re making. Ask your guests to park in your own driveway or in front of your house, and make sure they don’t block someone else’s driveway. If the situation is appropriate, invite your neighbors to the party!

Being a good neighbor can come easily. When you and everyone around you implement these basic etiquette tips into your lifestyle, your neighbors will start to look out for you, and vice versa. You will build a good community in your own neighborhood.

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