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Coronavirus Essentials - What You Really Need (And Don’t Need) To Have In Your Home

As the world continues to monitor the coronavirus (COVID-19), many families are under quarantine or are self-quarantining themselves.

People are coming to terms with the prospect of staying at home for at least two weeks. Panic buying has caused the prices of everyday items to skyrocket, and toilet paper and water bottles have gone out of stock in many stores—but how necessary are these items? We at Transforming Property Solutions have compiled the essentials of what you really need to have in your home—and what you’re better off leaving at the store.

Need: Food Supply

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security recommends having enough food to last your household for 2 weeks. Stock non-perishables and canned foods that have a long storage life and need little or no cooking. Non-perishables include grains, rice, oats, and pasta, and get canned foods such as beans, tomatoes, tuna, soup, and fruits.

Avoid buying fresh fruits or vegetables that are likely to spoil over 2 weeks. Remember to get baby food and pet food if needed for your household.

It’s also important to have comfort foods in your home, like coffee, tea, chocolate, or chips. Though they’re not necessary, these foods can make a big difference in your mental health during the quarantine.

Don’t Need: Water Supply

Though many people have been stockpiling bottled water, it is very unlikely the United States drinking water supply will be affected. Most tap water is already drinkable through the water system, and shouldn’t be compromised with the coronavirus. For areas with less readily available supplies, the American Red Cross recommends having at least 1 gallon of water per day for each person in the household.

Need: Hygienic Products

Try to stock up on hand soap, sanitizers, and disinfectants to protect yourself from the coronavirus. While many places have sold out of these items, try calling physical stores for their stock such as Bath & Body Works. If not, try making your own hand sanitizer; though it’s better to wash your hands, hand sanitizer is the next best option. Also buy tissues, feminine care products, and laundry detergent.

Keep a first aid kit to treat any injuries. Make sure to have at least a 30-day supply of prescribed medication, and have over-the-counter medication as well.

Don’t Need: Toilet Paper & Face Masks

While toilet paper and face masks have gone out of stock all over the world, stockpiling them is not necessary. People panic buy for many different reasons, but a cart full of toilet paper is not necessary for the quarantine. For healthy people, face masks are only needed when taking care of people that may have the virus.

Toilet paper and face masks are both included in peoples’ stockpiling list and have been affected by heavy demand with sky-rocketing prices. However, since Florida has a law prohibiting price gouging, a Price Gouging Hotline has been activated to help consumers avoid rip-offs on items. You can report price gouging by calling 1(866) 9NO-SCAM or by visiting MyFloridaLegal.com.

Need: Fun Activities

It can be very easy to get bored during the quarantine, so have board games, toys, books, magazines, and other fun things to keep the family occupied. Have a good wifi connection, and stay social with friends and family. Don’t let the quarantine limit socializing too much. Also, exercise when you have the time and energy. The most important thing to do is to have a routine. It’s important to have a sense of normalcy though it may seem our daily lives have been disrupted.

Don’t Need: Batteries

Stockpiling batteries isn’t necessary since there’s a low likelihood that the electrical grid will be affected. However, a 14-day supply of batteries would be useful for families with children who play with battery-powered toys.

The most important thing to remember during this time is to not just think of ourselves, but also others. Don’t hoard the essentials other people need, and try to stop the spread of coronavirus for those who are more at risk. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds and stay safe! Transforming Property Solutions is located at 223 W 3rd St, Sanford, FL 32771. For more information, investors and realtors are encouraged to call 407-375-2317 or visit online at www.transformingpropertysolutions.com

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