4 Point Inspection

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

When purchasing older homes, it is crucial to have a four-point inspection done in the home. This is because insurance companies are less likely to cover homes that are older than 30 years, as they are more susceptible to damage caused by weather, pests, wear and tear, etc.

According to Lisa Rodriguez from WeInsure Group, Inc., “once a property reaches over 30 years” it is important to get a 4-point inspection done, which can help make your home a more eligible property for insurance companies to cover. This inspection consists of a houses’ roof, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), electrical, and plumbing – the four main components of a property.

If any of these are in less than ideal condition, it becomes more difficult to get coverage from an insurance company for your home. Prices may vary for this inspection as it can be combined with various packages, yet the average – according to Florida Inspection Center – ranges from $99 and $170. Insurance companies require it to be done by professionals as they usually provide forms with the information gathered from the inspection that help determine a home’s insurance eligibility.

Before purchasing an older property, make sure to ask about any previously done 4-point inspections, since if any of these four components of a home are damaged it could hinder the possibility of being covered by insurance.

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