2019 Design Trends

As design trends and tastes continue to change, keeping up with them can be tough, but worthwhile. Especially as more and more of the appliances and hardware we integrate into our homes connect with our smartphones, and each other. Read below to see some of the most prominent fresh design trends for each part of the home, as well as some examples of ways to integrate them into your home.


Obtainable & Sustainable: More frequently, upcycled and sustainable flooring is becoming more and more popular and affordable. Options include cork, upcycled hardwood, and bamboo.

Geometrics: Geometric designs are making a comeback. They add an interesting stylistic element to spaces easily, and in neutral colors you can use geometric designs without overloading with shapes and colors.


(Not too) Wild Wallpapers: Patterned wallpapers are becoming increasingly popular, especially in cool, jewel, and natural tones. An interestingly colored or patterned wallpaper adds interest to a room, and can be changed fairly easily if the homeowner is unhappy.


Bold Fixtures: Bold, big lighting fixtures, handmade ceramics, mixed-and-matched, celestial chandeliers, and rustic styles are all bold choices that are becoming increasingly popular in 2019, especially matte finishes.


Stunning Appliances: Smart homes are becoming more and more popularized and easily accessible, including smart light bulbs that connect to Amazon Alexa or Google Home, fridges that store your grocery lists, and garbage cans that can help catalog and create your lists so as not to waste food. Some of these things can be expensive but end up giving more benefit than there is cost. For the sake of convenience, think about investing in smart home technologies.


Duality: 2019 is a year of duality, sporting both trendy minimalist and maximalist designs. Downsizing and decluttering are important features of 2019, sparked by Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up; just as important are vintage and glamorous looks, incorporating rich color palettes, bold statement pieces, all coming together to form a unique, personalized living space.

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