Upcoming Content - January 2020

New Real Estate Blogs - Transforming Property Solutions

New year, new content! Be on the lookout every week for a new blog that will be posted on the Transforming Property Solutions website, www.transformingpropertysolutions.com/blog, with the inside scoop on all things real estate. 


During the month of January, TPS will be sharing tips on how to invest in real estate through the process of buying, renovating and selling. Three separate blogs will be posted detailing all the steps one must follow to successfully flip and sell properties in the real estate market.


Our 4 upcoming blogs during this month of January are:

  • Flipping a House: Buying

  • Flipping a House: Renovating

  • Flipping a House: Selling

  • Conserving Heat During the Winter


Transforming Property Solutions is located at 223 W 3rd Street, Sanford, FL 32771.  For more information, investors and realtors are encouraged to call 407-375-2317 or visit online at  www.transformingpropertysolutions.com

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